Market Research

Gender of participants?


Our survey attracted mostly female participants accounting for more than 3/4 of all those surveyed.

Age of participants?


The vast majority of our participants were also in their 50s. The second largest group being those in their 60s and third in their 20s.

Do they clean their shower Y/N?


Over 90% of people surveyed said they have their shower cleaned. This question established who would be taking the survey. 

How do they clean their shower?


Based on our feedback over 95% of people surveyed still clean their showers by themselves and by hand or someone in their residence cleans it by hand.

Is shower cleaning difficult?


55% of people said they found in difficult to clean their shower. When asked to comment participants said: "I have lung condition. No strength or puff and some chemicals cause a problem"

Is shower cleaning enjoyable?


When asked to comment participants said: " I hate doing it because it's hard work and never seems perfectly clean. "

"  I clean the shower when I'm showering to avoid back ache. My cleaner gets back ache when cleaning it. "

How often do you clean it?


Almost half of all participants clean their shower around once per week.

How much time do you spend?


We can see here that most of the people surveyed take no longer than 30 minutes to clean their shower. Around 12% of people take longer than 30 minutes.

How often do you buy chemicals?


Here we can see the trend that people tend to buy cleaning chemicals once every month or once every other month.

Money spent on shower cleaning?


Of the people surveyed, money spent on having their shower cleaned ranges from £1 all the way to up £160.

Automatic cleaning in your home?


Almost 50% of people say they would have their shower cleaned by an automatic device. 44% of people were unsure as to whether or not they would.

Have you heard of the ASC?


Being the only device on the market and knowing the vast majority of people would benefit from our product is fantastic. Of the people in this survey almost 90% did not know the ASC existed.

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