How Will It Benefit Me?

The ASC Guarantees A Cleaner Shower

Are you tired of constantly spraying and scrubbing your shower only to be left with mediocre cleaning results? You wont have to worry with the ASC. Once you press the remote you can leave the Shower Cleaner to work it's magic, and within 10 minutes your shower will shine like never before. Don't believe us? Follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates on our work and the ASC.

Unique And Effective Cleaning Solutions

Our specially formulated cleaning solution and polishing agent were tested and made with the ASC in mind. The three step system combined with our cleaning solutions ensures the removal of all harmful mould, annoying limescale and hard to remove marks. regular use of the ASC device will ensure that all unwanted deposits left on your glass and tiles stay away.

Protects Your Health In More Ways Than One

Not only does the ASC remove the stress and work of manually cleaning your shower but it also doesn't require you to be present when chemicals are being sprayed in the shower cubicle. If you hate breathing in shower cleaning chemicals then the ASC is for you. Recent studies have shown that extended exposure to cleaning chemicals could be a key cause of cancer. For links to these studies please see our Facebook page.