Commercial Options

What can we offer for commercial use?

The ASC commercial unit comes with a collection of rotary head units (one or more) combined with either the standard ASC or the optional shower head. You will have the option to have the built in safety feature connected to a door lock mechanism. This means that when the shower cubicle is in operation it is automatically locked preventing accidental opening by the user or general public. The safety feature ensures that if someone is in the cubicle and the ASC automated timing schedule is telling the system to operate the sensor will detect the person's movements and will not start operation. When the cubicle is vacant, the operation will commence.

As mentioned above, (for example) if there is more than five shower cubicle in one area the ASC electronics can be set up in a timed sequence ensuring that there is always one cubicle either available or being cleaned at a time. This means that the other four showers are still usable for the public. 

The ASC main centralised unit can be installed in the plant room or any other designated area suitable on the commercial premises. The easily refillable tank capacity is variable from 50-100 litres for the commercial unit. The pipes from the designated room and control cables will be distributed to the shower cleaner rotary housing units. 

The commercial unit can control as many rotary housing head units as required more ASC rotary housing units.